About CUJD

Clean Up Jakarta Day is an annual event that brings together communities, businesses, schools and individuals as volunteers through gotong royong in the spirit of a cleaner Jakarta.

The aim of Clean Up Jakarta Day is to raise awareness of the problem of rubbish and littering in Jakarta, as well as the need for recycling – starting with us as individuals, at home and at the office. Our vision is that every day will be Clean Up Jakarta Day, as we shape conscious and responsible citizens for a better Jakarta.

The sixth annual Clean Up Jakarta Day took place on Saturday September 15, 2018, and approximately 1 million volunteers turned up, bright and early, to pick up rubbish and clean up Jakarta together. Volunteers separated recyclable from non-recyclable waste as they cleaned at 107 locations around the city through Clean Up Jakarta Day, and hundreds of other locations through the city’s RT/RWs.

Our campaign is carried out by volunteers (you!), and without your support and action Clean Up Jakarta Day would not be possible.