Get Involved

The work will be carried out by volunteers. Without your support, this day would not exist – thank you so much!

There are many sites on Clean Up Jakarta Day that you can join to help clean up! Visit Clean Up Sites for further information and to see a list of all sites that you can join. If a site has been organized by a school then it is closed to members and students of the school only.

If there is a particular road/area or site that you would like to nominate to clean up, you can fill out the Nominate a Site form and become the Team Leader for this site, responsible for recruiting your own volunteers, managing your site’s clean-up on the day, making sure your volunteers know what is recyclable and what is not, and ensuring your collected waste is left at your assigned designated area after the clean-up.

Volunteers must report to their site’s Team Leader. We clean from 7am-9am to avoid the midday sun. Make note of your designated clean-up site’s assembly point and start time, and arrive early to avoid being left behind.

All volunteers will be given bags to separate recyclables from non-recyclables, and safety gloves to avoid injury from picking up sharp objects. Gloves should be taken home, washed and disinfected, and used for household chores.

What will happen to the rubbish we collect?

Recyclable and non-recyclable waste in Jakarta will be collected by Dinas Kebersihan DKI Jakarta. The recyclable waste will be distributed to waste banks, where they will be further sorted, weighed and sold, funds going back into supporting the waste banks. The non-recyclable waste collected on Clean Up Jakarta Day will be taken to the nearest landfill.

For Tangerang, the recyclable and non-recyclable waste will be collected by Abu & Co., a private company that manages 70% of South Tangerang’s waste. Abu & Co employs pemulung to provide them a better life, who will further sort, recycle, compost and incinerate the remaining waste, meaning none of the rubbish collected in Tangerang ends up in a landfill.

If you, your friends, your family or even your whole office are keen to volunteer, that’s excellent! It is you that will be making a difference!