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Ayo Bersihkan Jakarta - Koran TempoKoran Tempo: Ayo Bersihkan Jakarta
Clean Up Day Jakarta dilakukan secara serentak di 27 titik di wilayah Ibu Kota pada pertengahan Oktober lalu. Kegiatan itu dilakukan secara sukarela oleh sekitar 5.000 warga Indonesia dan ekspatriat yang merasa penat akibat masalah sampah di Jakarta.

Mereka mulai memunguti sampah sejak pukul 7 hingga pukul 10 pagi. Mereka turut bertanggung jawab atas kebersihan kota ini karena merasa selama ini ikut menyumbang sampah selama tinggal di sini.

Kegiatan membersihkan Jakarta ini tidak cuma diikuti oleh orang dewasa. Anak-anak, terutama yang bersekolah di sekolah internasional, juga ikut serta memungut sampah yang ada di sekitar lokasi sekolah mereka…..Read more


The Jakarta PostThe Jakarta Post: Thousands join for cleaner Jakarta
In a bid to increase awareness of green issues, around 5,000 locals and foreigners from more than 100 community groups, schools and private firms took part in the annual Clean Up Jakarta Day on Sunday morning, picking up trash at several sites across the city.

At Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) Stadium in Senayan sports complex, Central Jakarta, around 800 people of all ages got involved in the event, which was held by Indonesia Expat magazine.

Equipped with gloves and plastic sacks, they busied themselves picking up trash from the ground alongside Sunday morning runners and groups of friends….Read more


Jakarta ExpatJakarta Expat: 5,000 Volunteers Take to the Streets to Clean Up Jakarta
On Sunday, October 19th 2014, Jakarta’s citizens carried out the Indonesian tradition of gotong royong by picking up rubbish and cleaning up Jakarta together in ‘Clean Up Jakarta Day 2014’. The aim of the clean-up is to educate people about the detrimental effects of littering, and in turn spark an awareness of the importance of recycling.

This campaign was carried out by volunteers, of which there were 5,000 this year, picking up rubbish, separating into recyclable and non-recyclable sacks as they cleaned. All clean-up activities commenced at 7am at 27 sites throughout the city. These sites were nominated by volunteers and approved by the Clean Up Jakarta Day team….Read more


Entertainment News: Slank at Clean Up Jakarta Day 2013

NET TV at Clean Up Jakarta Day 2013

The Jakarta PostThe Jakarta Post: Social media users take on heroic task with little fanfare
While most people prefer to wake up late on Sunday, hundreds of young people in Jakarta were ready from early in the morning to pick up trash across the city. Bersih Nyok is just one of several communities that took part in Clean Up Jakarta Day, which was held for the first time this year in conjunction with National Heroes Day, which fell on Nov. 10. Initiated by chief editor of Jakarta Expat bi-weekly, Angela Richardson, in August, the event has attracted attention in social media such as Twitter and Facebook…Read more


We Love JakartaWe Love Jakarta: Clean Up Jakarta Day
On Sunday November 10, we hit the streets behind our school to join in the Clean Up Jakarta Day campaign. About 40 students, teachers and parents worked our way up the back lanes of our school to pick up the stray plastic bags, water bottles and of course, the millions of cigarette butts covering every surface of this country. There is nothing really enjoyable about standing over a drain and pulling at congested plastic and hoping it doesn’t come flying up in your face, but it certainly felt right to be making even a small gesture in helping to clean up this place we call home…Read more


Jakarta ExpatJakarta Expat: Clean Up Jakarta Day 2013: Back-Breaking Teamwork Raises Awareness of Jakarta’s Rubbish Problem
The first Clean Up Jakarta Day took place on the morning of Sunday November 10th 2013. Over 1,000 volunteers at 16 locations around Jakarta showed up at the crack of dawn to get their hands dirty, picking up rubbish and separating into recyclable and non-recyclable bags from 7-9am, showing that the spirit of teamwork (gotong royong) is still very much alive…Read more