Our capital produces more than 6,700 tonnes of rubbish each day, an estimated 200 tonnes of which is thrown in the Ciliwung River and much more littered on the streets. We could build a Borobudur Temple out of garbage every two days from the rubbish that Jakarta creates!

Clean Up Jakarta Day serves as a platform for other positive initiatives, schools and community groups in the city to join together, with one united voice. We connect communities and volunteers through gotong royong in the spirit of a cleaner Jakarta.

By involving the whole community in a clean-up, we can spread the message that it is everybody’s job to keep this city clean, not just the job of the street sweepers, pemulungs, and rubbish men and women. We want people to understand how detrimental littering can be, and in turn spark an awareness of the importance of recycling.

Why should I help?

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